Introducing the Rooster

It is time for the rooster to speak out about issues of a fertility nature.

The rooster reads the internet and sees many heart-breaking and heart-warming stories about prospective parents going through extraordinary lengths to start or expand their family.  The majority of these stories are from the female perspective. I’d like to help address the imbalance by writing from the male perspective.

I haven’t quite worked out how this is going to work, but we have to start on the journey and share experiences and thoughts. I will speak openly about my own experiences but also preserve an aura of anonymity about me.  People contacting me can be assured that I will not share any details about their experiences that they aren’t comfortable sharing publicly.

So to start…

Me and Mrs Rooster are thirty-something people

We live in England, United Kingdom

We have been now four years on our ‘fertility journey’

Our blend of IVF involves the use of donor eggs

We have had two successful embryo transfers…

… but also suffered two late miscarriages.

We have not given up hope

But the experience of loss is heartbreaking.

I hope that this is the start of something useful for everyone.  I’d encourage anyone you know that has an interest in any of these topics to get in touch, or follow my twitter account (@TheIVFRooster) and let’s see what happens!

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One Response to Introducing the Rooster

  1. I am so glad to see you on here, and I hope you find this as a way of getting those feelings out…and connecting with people! I am so sorry for your losses, and wish there was a way to take that pain away. 😦

    Look forward to following your journey and cheering you and Mrs. Rooster on.


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